At John Williams ‘Scanners’ night at the Innovation Warehouse EC1, the building is filled with people with new business ideas http://www.scannercentral.co.uk/. In a glass room, silicon roundabout types feverishly gesture over their netbooks. Next door in John Williams room for ‘Scanners’ ( ie. those who have many ideas & find trouble focussing on just one) they discuss what they”d just achieved in 30 days (cycling round Spain for charity, setting up businesses, writing novels, learning languages, teaching Latin over cocktails) and what they planned for the next 30 days. Meanwhile, there is also feverish discussion and, in this case, protest. Outside, Farringdon station is heaving with police after street protest – a reminder of the double dip recession journalists keep on about. So it’s surprising to see so many people at Scanners night still optimistic and determined to do work they love. Here people remain driven to move from jobs they endure and others are looking to put into practise one of the many hundreds of ideas they have a day – a new local music club, a product for a Kindle, market research website.

Will Hutton believes China will never be able to dominate industry because they lack the creativity he believes is so prevalent in the UK. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/0316730181. Here new ideas were demonstrated freely – both inside and outside the building.

Wih jobs no longer bringing the security that they once did and pensions and redundancy no longer guaranteed, people are going to have to be more creative in how they earn a living. It appears to me that the future is entrepreneurial.

It’s Global Entrepreneur Week and Business Startup is a free event at Earls Court (thurs 17th Nov & Fri 18th 2011) with great sessions for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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