Where do you work?

How important is the building in which you work to job satisfaction?

I was lucky enough to stop by Claridges this morning – they let the riff raff in after 11.00am. A beautiful place and an institution.

Does working in Claridges as a waitress guarantee job satisfaction over someone working in a Little Chef?

I’ve never worked in Claridges but I did love working at the Little Chef.

I worked with like minded people in a busy place. In the interviews I have done about career change, WHO you work with is key to job satisfaction. Having things in common with colleagues and similar goals, hopes, aspirations both personally and for your business are essential for working fulfillment. If you hate your colleagues, you’re going to hate your job.

WHERE you work plays a contributing factor. Working in dull, grey, uninspiring offices takes its toll. Interviewee Andy Lynes recalls his former life as an auditor ‘I worked in a cul de sac, in a windowless office with barbed wire round the building. My arrival at work each day was met by this dispiriting view. I hated my job from day one and I did it for twenty years.’

Working in Claridges would certainly be a brilliant location, but who you work with, and that includes the customers, are equally important.

P.s There’s a great photo of the Queen taken coming through the revolving door. Aged 21, with a newly acquired crown on her head she looks like she’s had the best day of her life.


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