Lego Christmas Tree – Dream Job?

The world’s largest ever LEGO Christmas tree is now at St. Pancras Station. So tall, it stretches across two floors but starts on the concourse outside Oliver Bonus & Hamleys (just incase you get the urge to stock up on lego before getting the train). The tree consists of around
400,000 individual bricks and weighs three tonnes. The tree was constructed by Duncan Titchmarsh, and the team at Bright Bricks – a company which specialises in creating giant LEGO commissions

Other commissions include Concode, Bertie Bassett, a banksy mural and a life size house.

Who would think a childhood love of Lego would result in a successful business idea?

What did you enjoy doing as a child? It’s often a way to find direction in the hunt for a dream job.

The Brontes famously scribbled miniature novels as children, entrepreneur David Riley sold shoes to his class mates and the wonderful Heaven organics skincare creator Deborah Mitchell mixed up potions and put them under her bed. She’s now a beautician to the stars and ADORES her job.



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