Increase Your Sales in 30 Days

Increase Your Sales in 30 Days

Dylis Guyan’s latest newsletter is full of sound advice based on a lifetime  in sales which began as a teenager.

I talked to Dylis this week about her career and latest venture:

Increase Your Sales in 30 Days.  Can you?

“Yes, and we have.  You can learn to increase your sales and learn how to sell.”  Dylis started her own business ten years ago.  “If starting up your own business,” she advises, “repeat and referrals will be, without question, the foundation of your business.  Demonstrate value at every opportunity.  Think ‘what value do I give?’ What problem does your service/product solve?  And, when you attract customers, treat them like golddust.”

Apple, Facebook and Microsoft all started up in a recession.  But realistically, is it foolhardy to be thinking of setting up now?  “We are bombarded with negativity about the recession” says Dylis, “but there are still businesses out there.  You just have to be the provider of choice.  Don’t let the negativity grip you and paralyse you with thoughts that it’s not the right time. People being made redundant are setting up their own businesses. They will need web designers, coaching, networking events.  Do not be frightened.  We were paying 15% on our mortgages back in the 1970s.  You get through it.  Grasp things and find a way.”

Dylis provides excellent sales advice.  Her philosophy is very simple,”If you want excellent results, then you must show what excellence looks like”.

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