Escape Tunnel

Doing new things is the quickest way out of a rut. Do something differently everyday. New route to work, new magazines, new people. Feel butterflies in your stomach once a week to get out of a comfort zone.

Here are some up and coming events for anyone in need of some inspiration.

11.00am Friday 3rd February 2012, Ealing. Come and meet and network with other vibrant and committed business women who are wanting to share contacts and use your services. Carole Ann Rice always provides sparkle amid the gloom.

Alain De Botton’s School of Life is running another of their most popular workshops – next available Saturday 18th February 2012:

“We all know what the perfect job is. It’s highly-paid, well-respected, high-profile, intellectually stimulating and emotionally rewarding. We also know that isn’t our job.”

Want to start writing a blog or a book? Try John Williams’ event on Feb 8th 7pm at the Innovation Warehouse EC1. Highly recommended if you’re looking to meet new people bursting with ideas and looking for change.

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