Clear out the clutter

All Fives

Why do we save so much stuff? Why do we pile it and hoard it and cram it into closets and under beds? As I cleaned out a nasty closet, I uncovered some reasons.

Why we save stuff

  • You don’t want to admit you made a bad decision.
  • You hope things will be different someday: you’ll be that smaller size again, you’ll have a bigger house, you’ll get inspired to take some action.
  • You feel obligated: Someone gave you this thing and you don’t like the thing but you love the person.

As a result, all this stuff is here, there and everywhere, weighing on you, nagging at you. And every time you see it you get an unpleasant feeling, like a tiny failure.

I never wear those jeans. When am I going to slim down and fit into them again?
I never use any of those seven pie plates…

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