Bee Venom

I first talked to beauty therapist and Director of Heaven Skincare Deborah Mitchell five years ago for my book about finding your passion in life.  When I met her this week I recalled how cash flow and ensuring her staff got paid was sometimes a worry.  “Money’s not a problem anymore” she says now.  “My life’s great actually.”

Deborah has recently invented her Bee Venom anti ageing range for which she created a secret ingredient.  It’s created a ‘buzz’ in the beauty industry.  It’s billed as an alternative to botox. Deborah is now officially the guardian of the bees and there’s  only 500 pots of a particular Bee Venom treatment currently available.  “I don’t even have one for myself.  But my mum got one for Mother’s Day.”

Deborah is annoyed at the doom and gloom administered by the news and government.  There are plenty of British entrepreneurs who are doing well and deserve a ‘thank you.’ Business is doing very well and Deborah’s just signed contracts with China, Japan and will be going into the American market soon.

But even Deborah says to herself sometimes ‘how did I get here?  How did this happen?’

Deborah’s story is a great one.    Truly inspiring to anyone hoping to find a job they love. Deborah didn’t know what to do having given up as a teenage drama student.   She went to a local college to do a beauty therapy course to sort out her acne problem whilst she worked out what she wanted to do with her life. By trying something new she stumbled upon something that made her feel passionate.

“Healing my skin made me feel better about how I looked. I wanted to help other people feel good about themselves too.”

Years later and with 85 staff worldwide, Deborah is still insistent on treating people herself – because she loves it.

Deborah was bullied at school and laughs now that those same people want to be her friend on Facebook.  She doesn’t mind.  And is very pleased to have been awarded a fellowship by her local college – the same place where she was called ‘ Debbie Dumb Blonde.’

With an impressive list of celebrity clients I wondered how does that start – what’s the process? “My first celebrity clients were Duran, Duran.  I got invited to all the parties and then they told other people.”

But the key to Deborah’s success is not her celebrity connections.  Deborah loves people and people love her.   “I don’t have to do google ads”  she says, “people just talk about the treatments because they like them and they like the products.  People promote Deborah’s business on her behalf.

Deborah’s real secret is her authenticity and her integrity.  She is totally committed to organic products and has refused to sell out that dream along the way.   She has turned down lucrative offers in order to maintain her vision.  She is extremely optimistic – a feature of entrepreneurs.  She believes anything is possible – for everyone.   Which I was extremely pleased to hear!  Deborah was named International Business Woman of the year 2011 and she gives me a steely look and enquires about my hopes and ambitions for my second book.

One thing she finds useful is the following:

“Imagine what you want to achieve is a mountain. Climb that mountain, look back at the path you have travelled and sit back and think how you feel at the top of that mountain? “

‘Elated?’, I’m thinking, ‘exhausted?’

But for Deborah the answer was completely different she thought, “that’s not enough. I now know my journey however hard it is – is my enjoyment factor and I can’t wait to keep doing this journey.”

I’ve exposed myself as a mere mountain climber – I’ll need to up the ante to bring about true success and climb an entire mountain range.  At least I know that now.  It doesn’t bode terribly well however that I felt worn out by the trip down to the Langham Hotel’s basement toilets.  A myriad of brown I could hardly find my way out.   What happened to the quirky red Russian room?

Deborah really is one of those people who does what she loves and the money follows.   “I never go after the money, I go after looking after people – making sure the products fit the person in the right way. I don’t need to do it any differently. That is my life. That is my passion.  I will look at what anybody else needs and I’ll meet their requirements.”    I leave the Langham determined to do the same.

The Bee Venom range is available here:-

Deborah’s story about finding her dream job and how she did it (plus others) is available here:

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2 Responses to Bee Venom

  1. thank you for a great review

  2. I love to hear how people get to where they are – how they find their talent and make a living from it. Great to meet.

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