Ice cream

Great business idea - if you can restore vans.

I spotted this wonderful ice cream van selling Roskilly’s Cornish ice cream (the best ice cream in the UK).

The owner bought four clapped out vans and restored them.  He now runs a catering business across the south east which includes these beautiful retro vans.  His nephew  works in one of them – this one based at Wisley.  (He was camera shy).

Toby Roskilly founder of the Cornish ice cream company, made an interesting dream job transition from furniture restorer.

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4 Responses to Ice cream

  1. Great van – charming ones can also be spotted at the Southbank, London during the season, serving lovely ice-creams and frozen yoghurt too.

  2. Yes – he owns those ones too – part of the original clapped out batch he restored. Could do with some of your beautiful designs in them!

  3. Weekender says:

    “The best ice cream in the UK”, eh? A bold statement. Have you tasted them all? Can I direct you to La Strada in Frome for one serious rival, at least… Gorgonzola, chilli and fig, anyone?

  4. I just want raspberry ripple myself! But will give it a try if I’m passing Frome. Thank you for your comment.

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