Training for Business start ups

This week I met Alasdair Inglis of Grow – ‘the small business marketing experts’ as he presented a Marketing Masterclass at the British Library.  (His other courses below).

For the purposes of research, I have done numerous webinars, attended business events and signed up for a bombardment of emails and newsletters recently.  As a result,  to sit in the British Library’s Business and IP centre in a room with a lecture style set up felt very old fashioned.  We had booklets which required biros to make notes.  But Alistair pointed out that he hated events  that get you all fizzed up but where you don’t do anything.  As time is valuable, business owners were going to have a minimum of 7 concrete things to do by the time they left.

And the most useful part of the 4 hour course was brainstorming with the stranger next to you which brings a freshness and objectivity to your own tired thoughts. That beats webinars and emails where you rattle about on your own.  Meeting people  and hearing about their business, their career change, in person – is entirely different to social media.  And I love social media.  But it’s just one aspect.  To gather up those inspirational stories in a single afternoon – to meet a web expert, an events organiser and, talking of biros, someone who can make me 1200 biros with a logo, should I need them ( feels infinitely more normal than well, blogging.

To see how others have perfected their video, website and hear the story behind it, makes any business owner know that they can accomplish that too.

So for 4 hours of your time,  it was worth it.  Not only do you come away with clarity about your idea, customer or the benefits of what you sell –  courtesy of someone who’s better at it than you are (thanks Rachel Oakley MD of but you meet likeminded people in a similar situation.

So I left with my 7 things to do.  I just now need to do them.

The British Library run regular events for anyone with a business idea or thinking of a career change to set up their dream business:

And Alistair Inglis courses are here:

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