A Dream Job by the Sea

Billys overlooked this view *sigh*

Twelve years ago Heather Parry used to run a cafe that overlooked this view.  I always thought ‘that’s my dream job.’  I couldn’t believe my luck when the property came up for grabs. ‘This is it!’ I fantasised.  And then proceeded to do nothing about it.

Heather meanwhile really wanted to sell speciality teas and coffees so she and her husband went on to set up in Penzance, Chapel Street.

Heather and her speciality teas

“But people were coming into the shop and saying wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sit down and enjoy a drink here as well.  We set up a kettle but we had to stand round it – it wasn’t very practical.”

At Easter they moved Mr Billy’s to Market Place.  And 3 weeks ago they started selling food ‘you go back to what you know.’  So their famous crab soup is back on the menu and this divine breakfast:

American style pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup – sooooo delicious.

Last Saturday the Olympic flame came through Penzance ‘I’d forgotten what it was like’ says Heather. ‘We were full and the coffee machine felt like it was so slow.  We also had people queuing for tea leaves.  I hope no one felt neglected.’

If customers don’t have time to have a second cup, we encourage them to take them home because they’ll keep.  Someone said they couldn’t because they were staying in a youth hostel, but I said I didn’t think they’d mind.”

On offer at the shop are 42 different selections of tea and herbal infusions and 16 varieties of coffee.

Mr Billy’s is open Monday to Saturday, 9.30pm to 5pm, and Fridays until 4pm.


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