How to Change Your Life

Carole Ann Rice – Life Coach and Author talks here about getting the life you want, finding your dream job and holding your nerve inspite of a recession and a double dip economic down turn.

Carole Ann was made redundant from journalism and despaired of ever finding a life she loved.  She’s now a successful business owner and lives in Ealing with her husband and two children.

Here, Carole Ann talks about the effect the economic downturn has had on the way people are working and:
  • What she observes about how people make a living?
  • The role that our values play in the lifestyle choices that we make?
  • What advice she has for people who don’t live in big cities in terms of growing their business?
  • Whether she has her own moments of despair?

Carole Ann runs a successful coaching business,  Real Coaching Company and she also writes the Happy Monday column in the Daily Express.  She’s the co-author of Find your Dream Job.

Follow Carole Ann on Twitter @caroleannrice

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5 Responses to How to Change Your Life

  1. What a good idea, thanks…

  2. this one is a real inspiration.

  3. Thanks for your comment – isn’t she just!

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