5 Top Tips from Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs from across the UK met this week in Sheffield at the Made Festival hosted by Michael Hayman.

Speakers included the Duke of York, Dragon Peter Jones, Vince Cable and Lord Young.

Peter Jones wants enterprise education embedded into the curriculum for 7-18 yr olds.

  • “You don’t get success without failure.” Priya Lakahani founder Masala Masala
  • “The essence of good business, doing it differently” Lord Bilimoria CBE, Chairman of Cobra beer.
  • “Starbucks did 200 pitches before they raised the necessary funding. Push backs are normal. You can’t give up.’ Dale Murray, Angel Investor
  • “A brand is a set of values that you live by. They are the reasons you and your staff come to work.”  Paul Lindley, founder Ella’s Kitchen.
  • “It’s all about service, it’s not just about making something. My business is about communication and doing fun things.” Charles Morgan, Chairman of Morgan Motor Company

There are 4 1/2 million companies in the UK. 900,000 more would solve the current economic crisis ‘it’s in the national interest for you to succeed.’ Vince Cable.

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2 Responses to 5 Top Tips from Entrepreneurs

  1. chetanrm says:


    I like these tips, very cheerful.


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