Success or Your Money Back

6 things I learnt from Shed Simove’s new, confidently titled, book: Success or Your Money Back

1. “Anyone (and that means you and I) can make it big.” Successful people give the impression of having magical powers but actually they don’t. Their difference? They start something; they try things.
2. Successful men and women take steps to maximise their potential by honing and improving something.
3. There are four words you will hear: ‘No’ and ‘It’ll never work.’ ‘Treat those words with the respect they deserve’ advises Shed, ‘very little.’ Avoid NEGNETS – the nay sayers.

Money Back?

4. Write it down. It’s the first part of the process that brings an idea to life. If you follow that up with a prototype/drawing/video it makes it harder to snuff the idea out.
5. Successful people don’t work alone. They work in teams and partner up with talented people.
6. ASIA.
You need to be doing at least one of these things with your creative or business endeavour. Otherwise, you will be repeating what’s gone before and people won’t notice or engage with it.
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