Blog Start Up: my top tips

We are one.

Happy Birthday to me.  It’s been one year since I started posting.

It began in tandem with a colleague.  He set up on Blogspot and I chose WordPress.  We were excited and enthusiastic.  It turned to confusion, irritation and lost hours as we wrestled with SEO, IT, themes and blogging basics.  We nearly gave up and in fact, my colleague did. Exasperated by his hopes of a local following for his local posts when instead he got one in Vladivostok.  But I stuck with it.  Sought advice from the experts Antonia Chitty & Erica Douglas Blogging the Essential Guide and Birds on the Blog diva Sarah Arrow. 

November and blogging one year on.


I follow far more blogs than I have followers – but I’m very proud to have some (thank you each and every one).

I have 4 figure viewings and the stats are going up.

But the best bit is reading a post that makes my hair stand on end.  Or finding interviewees with engaging stories to share.  Amongst my own favourite dream job stories are Lizzy Bell and Shed Simove.

These are blogs I like:

Beautiful:  Sarah Campbell

Interesting: Esoteric London

Inspiring:  Writers

& bcommanderinchic

Most moving post

Fun: Helen Zaltman

Blog Start Up: Top 4 things that worked for me:-

1. Keep it short: between 200-400 words

2. Read, like, follow and comment on other people’s blogs – it’s fun I’ve found like minded people and stories that resonate.  Sarah Arrow recommends commenting on 3 different blogs a day.

3. Accurately tag your posts.

4. Asking people to Facebook and Tweet your blog link into their networks is the No.1 most successful way of increasing readership of your post.

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3 Responses to Blog Start Up: my top tips

  1. Happy Birthday and Congratulations! And thank you for your support and help too.


  2. Any excuse for a celebration! Your blog continues to soar – and rightly so!

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