How much Lego will be on Santa’s sleigh this year?

Lego advent calendar with reindeers #dreamjob

Lego advent calendar with reindeers #dreamjob

Could working at Bright Bricks be the best dream job in the world?

Currently in London’s Covent Garden, Bright Bricks have created their Lego advent calendar and on day one, it came with real reindeers.

I am slightly obsessed with Bright Bricks and have written about them before.  There are 70 Lego men to every real human being.  Duncan Titchmarsh,the UK’s only LEGO artist (dream job?!) has helped to create the world’s first ever advent calendar display which is three metres wide, five metres high and made of over 600,000 LEGO bricks.   I love these fantastic creations:

Mince pie anyone?

Mince pie anyone?

Lego advent calendar.  Genius.

Lego advent calendar. Genius.

The final window will be opened at 4pm on Dec 24th in Covent Garden,  London.  But if you can’t get there – you can take a look at Bright Bricks Facebook page which is being updated daily.

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