The Power of Social Media – and Nigella

Sharing the front page with Nigella, Carole Ann Rice.

Sharing the front page with Nigella, Carole Ann Rice.

Two dreams came true for ordinary business owners this week.

“It’s been a life long ambition, but I’d rather I hadn’t been on the front page alongside Nigella Lawson, the most beautiful woman in the world.”

My co-author, columnist and coach Carole Ann Rice made the front page of the Daily Express.    The DE were highlighting her Happy Mondays column in which she coaches the nation through Monday mornings.  Nigella was front page news because of her new US TV series, weight loss,  and amazing red ‘wiggle’ dress.

A dress that comes from Frome, Somerset.  And for business owner Claudia Kapp, Nigella has always been her dream customer.    Since Nigella tweeted her 300,000 followers about the dress, Deadly is the Female, her independent, vintage inspired shop on the high street has been inundated with orders.

Deadly dress

Deadly dress

Claudia has drafted in her family to cope with the demand.

But Claudia started her dream job in retail in November 2008 during a recession.  What inspired her to take the plunge?

Claudia studied at the London College of Fashion, specialising in surface textiles and then went on to be a freelance designer working with vintage inspired labels.  After visiting Frome she decided to take the plunge and start her dream business Deadly Is The Female.

Deadly drinks

Deadly drinks

She launched her shop to promote women looking like women, by bringing back 1950s vintage glamour. You can buy everything you need from Lingerie and stockings through to dresses and accessories. If her website orders are anything to go by, women want to treat themselves during the credit crunch..

Claudia has SEO knowledge and knows the power of social media.   Deadly is the Female is on Myspace, Facebook and Twitter.

Since starting her dream job as a coach ten years ago, Carole Ann has also embraced social media.  And both Claudia and @caroleannrice have seen a rapid increase in followers since this week’s unexpected media coverage.

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3 Responses to The Power of Social Media – and Nigella

  1. Weekender says:

    If you try to find ‘Deadly Is The Female’ on Frome High Street, you’ll go away disappointed. It’s on Catherine Street, at the top of the most picturesque Catherine Hill which is full of independent shops whose owners all have tales to tell, I’m sure… Still, good to see DITF getting the publicity. Maybe the Nigella glitz will rub off on a few more of the town’s “indies”…

  2. Yes, I’ve heard much about Catherine Hill – I think DITF has put it on the map as a very interesting tourist destination.

  3. hana says:

    Like it or not, social networking is part of the recruiting and screening process now,
    try for this.

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