Start Your Dream Business


I have been lucky enough in the last few months (erm years) to have interviewed 16 fantastic and successful entrepreneurs.  It culminated in our event this week to launch our book #Start Your Dream Business.

We wrote our first book Find Your Dream Job in 2009.  Stories of people who changed from jobs they hated to jobs they love.  It appeared that the sacrifice of having a dream job, was a decent salary.  In our follow up book I wanted to know – can you have a job you love and earn shed loads of money doing it.  The answer is ‘yes.’  However, what surprised me, as I talked to high flyers from the business world, in no single case, was it about the money.  Everyone was determined to put right a social wrong, educate, had found a gap in the market, wanted to do something better or simply, to pursue their dream.   They were driven by their passion NOT money.  And as the cliche goes ‘the money followed.’

We were beside ourselves that entrepreneurs from the book inventor Shed Simove and Rosie Wolfenden from the amazing cult jewellery company @tattydevine joined us to help our book launch and celebrate with us.

Start Your Dream Business Cover hi res

The book is for anyone who harbours a ‘dream’ business idea on the back burner.  But doesn’t have the confidence, business experience or know how, how to put it into practise.  Having interviewed a ‘dream team’ of successful #entrepreneurs, I can say with confidence, that with all due respect, when they started out, they didn’t have a clue what they were doing either.  They learnt on the job and learnt from their mistakes.

It’s available here

and should you read it, do let us know what you think, and what you’re planning on starting up.

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3 Responses to Start Your Dream Business

  1. Many congratulations – I’m just waiting to know how Shed will deal with requests for the film rights for his best-selling book…

  2. Great idea for a book! Most people need that little nudge to step out and get out of their comfort zone to really go after an idea or business that they’ve always wanted to develop.

  3. Yes quite – I believe standing on the red carpet is already on his ‘vision board.’

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