How to be a successful woman in business

I met several people today who are in the midst of a career change.  They are working either full  or part-time  and  doing what they love as a side line.  One year in they need to make that leap and take a risk.  But will they?

I started a back bedroom project 5 years ago.  Today my co-writer Carole Ann Rice went on a panel for BBC Woman’s Hour to discuss what makes a woman successful.  Woman’s Hour have interviewed successful entrepreneurs who gave reasons as to why they have got to where they are today.    Taking risks is an important part of being a successful entrepreneur.

The films, which include Tracey Emin and Kanya King, are here:

In a nutshell the tips are these.

Be Ambitious
Be Resilient
Be In Balance
Be Connected
Be A Leader
Be Yourself

To get our book on the bookshelves we had to keep going.  Reasons to give up were many, varied and tempting.  But, if you listen to these entrepreneurs, never giving up is a key ingredient to success – and half the battle.

On the panel:  Carole Ann Rice, Life Coach, Columnist and Author of Start Your Dream Business, Ruby McGregor Smith CBE,  Karen Mattison MBE, Founder of Timewise Jobs, Sarah Veale Head of the Equality and Employment Rights at the TUC


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2 Responses to How to be a successful woman in business

  1. planetheavenpr says:

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    Heaven Skincare`s Deborah Mitchell features in this book, and I am honored to be working with such a truly remarkable business woman, she is a true inspiration.

  2. Thank you so much. And yes Deborah Mitchell is amazing. Her first part of the journey was in my first book – she has come so far, done so much. Nothing stops her or fazes her. She goes with her gut instincts and goes with the good people. She loves helping people and people, including her clients seem to love her.

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