Excellent Customer Service will Build Your Dream Business

People laugh at me, for many reasons – but one of them is for my love of excellent Customer Service.  It costs nothing but makes the world of difference.   If you do something you love, or are managed well, you will provide great customer service.

Life, such as it is, meant a visit to a funeral directors this month.  A sterile experience that got straight down to business and the paperwork.  72 hours since being bereaved and no offer of condolences?  But this is your business?  Surely you would know how to handle death and provide exceptional customer service.  But it never materialised.


Just round the corner, Heather has been running her dream business: her fruit and flower business in the Lincolnshire town of Horncastle for 25 years.  She worked there since she was 12, managing it from the age of 17 and bought the shop outright for her 24th birthday.  She has been running it ever since.  Heather is always rushed off her feet but never too busy for a smile and a conversation.   She provided all the support and empathy you’d hope for from a human being  – let alone a funeral directors, at this time of distress.  We organised our flowers there and wish her business, Heathersofhorncastle.co.uk much deserved and continued success. 

Like Heather, Dylis Guyan always treats the  customer “like gold dust.”   Dylis is one of the entrepreneurs in our new book, Start Your Dream Business.  She started from nothing, working into the night to support her two young children.  She now has 4 grandchildren and a thriving business advising companies who need to sell more: increaseyoursalesin30days.com

“Always think about what’s in it for your customer.  Nobody really wants to pay for your product or service.  What they want to pay for is something that will enhance their lives, help achieve their objectives or prevent pain” advises Dylis.

People who are running their dream business find it easy to provide excellent customer service.    Do you?


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