Start Your Dream Business in Photography


“It’s never too late to change career”

At 33, Roza Sampolinska worked as an assistant in a big corporation.  Roza was a 9-5 er, not a careerist and living her life.  She spent a day with a photographer friend who, unwittingly, planted a seed in her head.  A year later , Roza bought a compact camera and took it with her to Egypt, her first trip to an Arabic country.  Roza’s career change journey was underway. You can hear more of Roza’s encouraging story here.

Now an internationally recognised, award winning photographer specialising in film noir, Roza Sampolinska is coming to London to run her masterclass.

Between Shadow & Light – Film Noir Portrait Lighting Workshop will be held on 4th -5th December – one day at a London studio and one day in the stunning setting of Chiswick House and Gardens.

“This unique workshop is 100% hands-on and will leave you inspired and with your head full of practical knowledge.” For more information and to book a place.

The event is organised by You&Me founder Magdalena Frackowiak.  Magdalena herself began taking photographs during a 7 year visit to Asia.

Magdelena is hugely ins1005293_395074497270993_1454904185_n-jpgpired by Roza’s Sampolinksa’s distinctive photographic style.  “I love the power of Roza’s pictures.   As a child, I would look through boxes of my parents small black and white photographs and look at the light and shadow in them.  The light and depth in Roza’s work reminds me of those images.  This is a fantastic opportunity for photographers in the UK to find out more about Roza’s techniques.”

Magdalena is an events organiser and recently worked at  Chiswick House & Gardens.

chg_13102016131016_0729Her passion for photography and Chiswick House has resulted in a series of photography workshops which opens with Roza Sampolinska.

This course will particularly suit photographers looking to develop their craft and their photography business.


For more information contact


FinIMG_2712d Your Dream Job
by Sarah Wade and Carole Ann Rice (Pub Marshall Cavendish) 

Start Your Dream Business by Sarah Wade and Carole Ann Rice (Pub Marshall Cavendish)




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